Merry Kit-mas from Grangers!

Here at Grangers, we love Christmas. We love the festivities, the mince pies and even the unpredictable weather! There is nothing better than challenging yourself to stay active outdoors throughout December. Not only do we have a lack of motivation fighting against us (it’s Christmas and all we want to do is stay inside, watch TV and eat our body weight in cheese) but the plummeting temperatures and unpleasant weather are also not working in our favour. We love the feeling of accomplishing an outdoor activity despite these obstacles, braving the elements and coming out on top. But we don’t love technical gear failing to do its job. That could turn even Buddy the Elf into a downright Scrooge. But, alas, unlike the Grinch, Grangers’ Kits are here to save Christmas.

This wetter, windier and all-around wilder weather can really take its toll on your outdoor gear, challenging its ability to keep you warm and dry. From your waterproofs and insulated items to your outdoor footwear and activewear, Grangers' Kits have got you covered. These kits make excellent stocking fillers for your outdoorsy friends and family; ideal for those loved ones who enjoy getting outside and exploring.  Packaged in widely recycled boxes and containing bluesign® approved, PFC-free formulations in 100% recycled bottles, our products are eco-responsible whilst reducing our carbon footprint. Our Clothing Care Kit, consisting of Performance Wash and Performance Repel Plus, cleans and protects technical gear, restoring DWR whilst the free sample of Active Wash cleans baselayers, improving the wicking properties and eradicating all sweaty odours. If you have a friend whose insulated down or synthetic down-filled jacket is their pride and joy, but definitely in need of a Christmas spruce, they would be overjoyed to receive a Grangers' Down Wash Kit or Down Care Kit. With their easy-to-use wash-in products, paired with dryer balls, these kits take the worry out of down maintenance, preventing down clumping and reviving loft.

For those who often head out on the fells or who plan on ticking off more of the Wainwrights this winter, Grangers’ Footwear Care Kit would make an ideal gift this Christmas. This kit includes Footwear + Gear Cleaner, Footwear Repel Plus, a free Odour Eliminator and a Footwear Brush, taking complete care of all outdoor footwear, from trail running shoes to walking boots. Your outdoor footwear will be clean, protected, buffed and fresh, removing all dirt, grime and unpleasant smells. This kit keeps footwear performing as it should so you can focus on where your next adventure will take you.

Another Grangers Kit in Santa’s sack is for those who love their baselayers – runners, cyclists or gym enthusiasts. We all know a gym buff: a person who definitely pushes their kit to the extreme at every opportunity. But all this exercise means sweaty kit. And sweaty kit means smelly kit. Luckily, Grangers has the solution. Our Activewear Care Kit is specifically formulated to maintain and freshen all activewear. Included is Active Wash, which removes dirt and sweat from activewear whilst improving the wicking properties and eliminating all lingering odours. Additionally, the Odour Eliminator erases unfavourable aromas from all unwashable items, such as trainers, boxing gloves, helmets and shin pads, leaving them smelling fresh and clean. Finally, the accompanying Mesh Kit Bag prevents the kit from potentially damaging snagging and tangling in the washing machine and also is ideal as a gym bag.

So whether you gift a loved one a Grangers Kit or treat yourself – and your gear – to some protective TLC, we’ll make it that bit sweeter with a very jolly 40% off all Grangers products this Christmas. So, let’s get outdoors, get active and show this challenging weather who’s boss! Merry Christmas from Team Grangers!