Prepare for the Unpredictable

Is there anything more British than a good chinwag about the weather? As a nation, we are obsessed with it, allowing it to slip into almost every conversation we have. Even when friends and family members go abroad, the first thing we usually ask them upon return is, ‘how was the weather?’. It’s the perfect small talk topic for standing around the copier at work, waiting for the bus or bumping into an old acquaintance in Tesco.

Here at Grangers, we love all kinds of weather, from the blistering heat to the bone-chilling cold. And we particularly love a good rainstorm so we can watch the rain beading on our freshly-proofed clothing. For us, there’s no finer sight!

We love to get outdoors come rain or shine – we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather!

The UK is infamous for its unpredictable weather, where it can torrentially rain in the morning and then boast tropical heat in the afternoon. This is thanks to the UK’s location: an area in which five air masses meet. Polar and Arctic air convenes with tropic air to cause a huge variation in weather conditions.

For a successful adventure in unpredictable weather, layering is key. This tactic will keep you warm and dry during cold, wet weather and then, when bright sunshine inevitably appears, you can shed a few garments to keep cool. We recommend starting with a baselayer, to wick away sweat and moisture, before adding a mid-layer to keep you warm. Then, throw on a breathable jacket of your choice, either hard or softshell, to allow sweat to escape whilst blocking out rain and the cold. Our Clothing Care Kit is ideal for taking care of all of these layers, Performance Wash cleans and maintains the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of your mid-layer and hard shell whilst Performance Repel Plus reproofs and the free sample of Active Wash keeps baselayers fresh and odour-free.

If you want one garment which covers all your layering needs, then the Helly Hansen Juell 3-in-1 Shell and Insulator Jacket is for you. It can be worn in 3 combinations – as a waterproof outer jacket, an insulated inner or as both layers together for a waterproof and warm obstacle to the harshest of conditions. Additionally, the newly revived Berghaus Extrem range provides climbers and mountaineers with the ultimate multi-layered protection, providing a complete technical layering system to keep you protected in demanding conditions.

It’s important to be prepared, whatever the season, and as the weather turns to brighter times, and spring and summer start to reveal themselves, then there are a range of thin waterproof jackets ideal for bridging the gap between sunshine and unpredictable weather. Rab’s Phantom Waterproof Pull-On Jacket and Arc’teryx’s Beta AR Jacket are great waterproof jackets that are thinner in structure but keep you warm. Since your upper half is defended from the elements, you can’t leave your legs unprotected. Sprayway’s Hydrolite Men's Rainpaint trousers are fully waterproof and flexible, not restricting your movement and explorations. Furthermore, if you’re a woman and after a pair of outdoor trousers that will keep you warm and dry, Acai creates outdoor trousers, specifically designed for women with an active lifestyle. Acai’s Outdoor Softshell Leggings are shower-resistant, lightweight and breathable. To ensure that your waterproofs don’t wet out, keep them clean with our Performance Wash as ordinary detergents will strip the DWR finish. To find out more about why cleaning is so important, click here.

One ironic feature of the British weather is that its constant unpredictability is actually predictable; you can often guarantee that as soon as you head out into the sunshine, rainfall will hit you. Despite warm, summer showers, getting soaked is an unpleasant experience, often leading to you getting cold. To ensure you’re kept warm and dry on every adventure, an easy-to-use simple product like Wash + Repel Clothing 2 in 1 will maintain breathability and ensure that rainy spells don’t dampen your adventurous spirit. It’s easy to prepare for these occasions with the right jacket, such as the Berghaus GORE-TEX Charn Jacket which features an adjustable hem for a personalised fit and packs down tiny when not needed.

Now, we understand that not everyone is happy with being caught out in poor weather – heavy rain and wind have spoiled many an outing. Venturing out into the elements shouldn’t be such a terrible thing if waterproofs are prepared. Our protection products, such as Clothing Repel, not only protect clothing from wet-weather conditions but also help to protect against damage caused by dirt, strong winds and hail.

Wearing clothing that is suited to all weathers is something that is simple to do and can effectively help you complete your adventure. In conditions where temperatures can alter from hot to cold in an instant, wearing a merino layer such as the Rohan Alta Merino Long Sleeve Zip Top can help. Merino’s properties allow it to cool you in hot weather and warm you in colder weather. It is also biodegradable so when it's time to get rid of your woollen clothing, you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect the environment. Merino wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water yet still insulates, even when wet. To make your woollen clothing last and maintain its performance, we’d still recommend using our Merino Wash to keep it clean and protect the natural water-repellent properties of merino and woollen clothing. Moreover, our Merino Wash includes cedar wood extract which repels moths, saving your merino from those pesky moth holes.

Here at Grangers, we believe that nothing should stop you from getting outdoors; certainly not the weather. We believe that the variety of unpredictable weather offers different experiences – all of which are enjoyable. So, before you take a rain check on an adventure, remember that with Grangers, you can get outside during cold, warm, dry or wet weather and still enjoy every second.