Have an Egg-citing Easter Adventure with Grangers

We’re four months into 2022 and Easter is already upon us. In glorious British fashion, this Spring has been a varied mixture of sun, rain and even snow. Thankfully, the approaching Bank Holiday weekend is predicted to be a dry one. Despite this, we all know how fickle the good old British weather can be and, if you’re out and about, you really don’t want to be caught up in an April shower with no protection. So, if you’re planning an Easter hike, a festive campout or even an Easter egg hunt, make sure to cover your back with Grangers.


To be adventure-ready, you must ensure your kit is performing to its highest standard and Grangers is here to help. When immersing yourself in the great outdoors, waterproofs are essential – but when was the last time you washed and reproofed your gear? To keep your outdoor gear in tip-top condition, it is vital that it's cared for correctly.

Luckily, taking care of outdoor clothing is made easy with Grangers Clothing Care Kit. For those clothes that stay close to skin, with non-repellent finishes, such as baselayers and running leggings, the free sample of Active Wash is ideal, removing those lingering odours so your time outdoors stays fresh. For waterproofs it's just as easy – simply pour 25ml of Performance Wash, just half the bottle’s cap, into the detergent drawer of your washing machine and, for best results, wash at 30 degrees on a full cycle. This easy-to-use wash restores breathability while also reviving any existing durable water repellency (DWR).  Once the clothes are out of the washing machine and still damp, spray on Grangers Performance Repel Plus to optimise water repellency, taking care to target the areas that suffer from abrasion (such as the shoulders where backpack straps rest). Lastly, allow to fully dry before use, and your waterproofs’ performance will be revived, offering paramount protection against the elements. 


Now that your waterproofs have received the five-star Grangers treatment, so must your footwear and Grangers Footwear Care Kit is the answer. After removing the laces, brush away any excess dirt or dust using the Footwear Brush, then spray Grangers Footwear + Gear Cleaner all over, applying extra onto the parts of your boots that need a little TLC. Wipe with a wet, clean cloth, and apply Grangers Footwear Repel Plus to maintain and boost the DWR. Easily spray onto your freshly-cleaned, damp boots, remove any excess with a clean cloth and allow to air-dry. Follow these straightforward steps and your battered and beloved boots will be restored to their former glory – just in time for your Easter adventure! For those lingering odours, the free Odour Eliminator is an extra Easter gift, this easy-to-use spray quickly refreshes the inside of your footwear so you can walk with confidence to hunt down those chocolate eggs.

Allow Grangers to take the stress out of your Bank Holiday weekend, so you can unwind, whatever the weather, and fully enjoy the outdoors. With Grangers eco-responsible and bluesign approved formulations, paired with 100% recycled bottles, you can also be rest assured that Grangers is just as committed to preserving and protecting our beautiful outdoors as it is your adventure. So, whatever you’re doing this Bank Holiday weekend, try to leave your burrows behind and get outdoors. Happy Easter from Grangers!