Lucy Wallace

I'm a full-time Mountain Leader and wildlife guide. I'm based on the beautiful Scottish island of Arran but I'm blessed that my work takes me all over Scotland and the world. I recently qualified as an International Mountain Leader which means that I work with adults and young people in some of the most exciting and stunning places on the planet. I'm also a Winter Mountain Leader, and sometimes my office is pretty unforgiving. There is nothing quite like a Scottish winter hill day! Being in nature and sharing it with others is what drives me, and I love to write about my experiences. I'm out there every day; wind, rain or shine, just trying to take it all in. For me, it is all about the journey and experiencing whatever the outdoors throws at me on the way.  Right now I'm actually on "holiday" in Crete, bike packing in the mountains with my husband Wally. It's been an epic adventure, full of the stuff I love- mountains, wild trails, vultures and immersing ourselves in the culture and scenery of the island.

My clothing and equipment are really important as they protect me from the elements. I'm very hard on my gear, as I use it every day. I need it to last and I must look after it so it can do the same for me. I care about the planet and the world's resources, so it is important that my kit goes the distance, as I don't want to keep buying new stuff. That's why Grangers products are so essential. I'm a particular fan of the Performance Repel spray on proofer. It's very simple to use with minimum faff and I can focus on the areas that need it most, such as the shoulders of a jacket where my rucksack rubs.  I'm very excited to be working with Grangers, it's a brilliant opportunity for me to share my love of wild nature and adventure and hopefully pass on a bit of know how too. Expect lots of enthusiastic trip reports and tips on how I take care of and protect my gear.