Ash Routen - Outdoor Writer and Adventurer

How many of us are guilty of staring out of the office window on a Monday morning and wishing we were elsewhere, charging up a lofty Himalayan peak or skiing across an icecap perhaps? Since visiting the Alps at the age of 16, I’ve dreamt of going on expeditions to the cold or high places of our planet. But it wasn’t until three years ago that I really started to make it happen. Since then I’ve skied across remote regions of Arctic Norway a few times and walked across the world’s largest frozen Lake in Siberia. Grangers kitted me out for Siberia with clean and protect products, and I was impressed by the performance benefits for my clothing and footwear. I’ve spent ten years as a research scientist in leading UK universities, so I have a keen eye for attention to detail and dislike false marketing hype. Pleasingly Grangers products are entirely focused on delivering function with a minimum of fuss. Next up for me are sledge-hauling trips in Norway and the Canadian Arctic, and I’m delighted to team up with Grangers for this next part of my adventure journey!

Twitter & Instagram: @ashrouten