Andy Dodd


I’m Andy Dodd, a van-dwelling outdoor enthusiast, with a passion for all things activity and adventure! My current focus is on endurance cycling, both on and off-road, whilst also dabbling in running, climbing, swimming and some other activities too. Living a nomadic lifestyle in a self-converted Citroen Relay, I meander around the country, taking part in all the best outdoor events whilst remotely working during the week as an Assisted and Automated Driving Senior Safety Engineer for Jaguar Land Rover.

My role is often technically challenging and mentally demanding; consequently, I’m very appreciative of my close relationship with nature. Closing my laptop on the working day and opening the van door immediately onto the trails, often returning only when my mind’s at ease or my legs are tired. I regularly take a quick, chilly dip before dialling into an 8 am call from a lakeside layby. On rest days, I’m usually plotting routes, conjuring new projects or scoping out the next pin on the map to call home for a while. Every day is a new adventure.

With all these different activities and limited access to a washing machine, I need to be prepared for whatever weather conditions I find myself in. I can’t stress how difficult it is to quickly dry clothing in the van, so for me, Grangers’ Performance Wash and Performance Repel Plus (and the eco refills!!) prevent all the layers under my waterproof shell from getting soaked and caked in mud, saving me a whole load of faff, and meaning I stay drier and warmer too! Grangers’ Active Wash constantly restores my technical clothing to an impressive state after perhaps one too many uses between washes and the 2 in 1 Down Care Kit enables my insulated jackets to continue keeping me warm whilst out on the hill or just waiting for the van to warm up after getting back late.

I have a few events planned and booked for 2023, from a 1500-mile road race to the UK’s toughest triathlon, and I’m sure I’ll get stuck in with many spontaneous trips and challenges in between. Did somebody say winter Highland Trail 550? Keep an eye out for my movements and how I’ll be putting Grangers products to the test. @andyd0dd