World Refill Day

On 16th June, the world is being called to action to help prevent plastic waste and reduce the amount we use daily. Organised by the charity City To Sea, their main aim is to stop plastic waste from clogging our oceans and encourage us to ditch single-use plastic in favour of reusable, refillable containers, like water bottles and coffee cups. We all know that plastic pollution is a massive problem for our planet and advocating for this slight change in our lives can have a significant global impact.

Plastics are everywhere. Since its invention in the early 20th century, plastic popularity exploded and is used to make everything from carrier bags, toothbrushes and make-up wipes to pens, car parts and clothes. In fact, plastic is so prevalent that it is found in the deepest parts of the oceans, atop the highest mountain peaks and even accumulates in human blood and organs! This may seem shocking but it’s the truth and, on 16th June, we can all do our bit by ditching single-use plastic. That means refilling a water bottle rather than buying a new bottle of water, choosing fruit and veg without any plastic wrapping from the supermarket or opting for a packed lunch rather than getting a meal deal.

Here at Grangers, we care immensely for our wonderful planet and we want to help to keep it clean and beautiful for centuries to come. All of our products come in 100% recycled bottles and we also have refill pouches, too. Helping to extend the life of the already-recycled bottles, these pouches also contain 74% less plastic packaging, and help us to further reduce our carbon footprint. By purchasing our pouches, you are helping us to protect the world we all love to explore and doing your bit to reduce plastic waste. Our 100% recycled bottles and refill pouches were launched at the time of our 2020 Eco Pledge alongside our concentrated washes, making the bottles last twice as long. We also offer our Bottle Return Service and Refill Stations, enabling our lovely customers to either send their used bottles back to us for reuse or to refill their bottles with Wash + Repel Clothing 2 in 1, Clothing Repel and Performance Wash at Refill Stations found in stores throughout the world. All of these initiatives were implemented to reduce our plastic pollution and encourage the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

For inspiration and top tips on how to get stuck in on 16th June, go to the World Refill Day website or download the app to do your bit in the fight against plastic pollution!