New website, same Grangers!

We’ve been around for over 80 years, so don’t worry the new website doesn’t mean we’re having one of those reinventions that makes us unrecognisable. We quite like who we are, and what we do – we just realised we weren’t sharing enough of this with you guys and our website wasn’t quite good enough for you lovely lot!


That’s why we’ve relaunched our website. It’s now easier for you to explore and we have a place to tell you a little more about us and share what we’re up to – so you can really be part of the ‘Grangers adventure’.


We want this website to be a place you can drop in on, like visiting a friend. Where you can not only learn about our products and find all your aftercare needs, but also where you can have a bit of fun and find inspiration to help you plan your next adventure.


So welcome. Welcome to our new website. Please, have a browse, look through our products and sign up to our new newsletter so we can keep in touch and, if you have any feedback or suggestions, get in touch at! We want you to feel like you can talk to us and we love a chat – so don’t be shy!