The Autumn Down Care Guide

The leaves have been falling for a while now and the temperatures are really starting to dip, signalling the end of the autumn. We’ll soon be preparing for autumn to hand the seasonal baton over to winter, gearing up for chilly winds that bite at our cheeks, incessant, soggy downpours and maybe even a freak blizzard or two. This raw and wintry weather is made bearable by warm, cosy down jackets. Down clothing, sleeping bags and other items are designed to trap heat in little air pockets, as the feathers or synthetic fibres used imitate the natural insulation of animals in the wild. Inspired by nature, down jackets are integral to every adventurer’s winter wardrobe. We all know that a good quality down jacket can be expensive, and if you want your investment to last, care and attention are required.


Down Deceptions

Too many people are anxious about cleaning their down-filled items in the washing machine, not wanting to flatten the loft and spoil the item’s look. Many also think down care is a long-winded, irksome task that demands too much time and effort. However, down care doesn’t need to be an intimidating chore – and with Grangers, it isn’t. Many admit to avoiding cleaning their down and synthetic down-filled jackets due to the misconception that washing down ruins its appearance and stunts its performance. We want to share with you just how easy it really is.

Firstly, cleaning is crucial to remove oils that accumulate on down through wear and impact performance. Keeping your down items clean is important as cleaning your other clothing, maintaining its freshness and removing dirt, sweat and unpleasant odours. Allowing oil and dirt to linger on your down can reduce its loft, preventing it from keeping you warm and dry. Luckily, Grangers' Down Care Range has got you covered. 


Grangers’ Down Wash Kit easily refreshes your down and synthetic down-filled items, enhancing breathability and neutralising odours. The kit includes Down Wash and three dryer balls to restore loft and appearance once washed. Our new, concentrated solution means you get 12 washes per bottle. All you need to do is use half a cap (25ml) per wash load, washing on a full spin and according to care label instructions. For best results, place your down in the tumble dryer with the three dryer balls, checking periodically throughout the cycle so that the down becomes evenly distributed. Ensure that your down jacket is fully dry before removing from the machine.



Not all down jackets repel water or contain hydrophobic down but the ones that do need additional care and attention. To make it easy, we have another all-in-one solution to clean and reproof in one wash. Our Down Care Kit features Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1 and three dryer balls, saving you time, energy and water as you clean and reproof your down in just one wash cycle. Follow this up with a spin in the tumble dryer – don’t forget to chuck in those balls! – and you’ll have fresh, protected, lofty down once again. 

Alternatively, after cleaning with Down Wash, if your down is hydrophobic, you can use Down Repel if you would prefer to treat your garments in separate washes. If your down is non-hydrophobic with a waterproof outer shell, Grangers' Performance Repel Plus is an ideal product to reproof the item's exterior. This spray-on solution is incredibly easy to use and offers durable protection, keeping the rain and wind at bay. 


The way you dry a down garment is integral to its appearance. If you leave it to air dry, the feathers or synthetic fibres inside will stay clumped together, resulting in a rather lumpy item (not a good look). It is important to tumble dry your down on a gentle setting, spinning the garment in low heat, making sure to follow care label instructions. Dryer balls are also a vital component in the down-drying process. With their rounded spikes, Grangers’ reusable dryer balls are the perfect addition to your drying spin, helping to plump up your down by preventing clumping and restoring loft. Our dryer balls can be used in up to one thousand cycles and are a far better alternative to using tennis balls. Many people use tennis balls to revive the look of their down but they are not a practical solution. Tennis balls, rather than breaking up clumps, pummel your down, potentially damaging it in the process. The dye from tennis balls can also leak during a spin cycle and stain the item, making it very difficult to remove. Our down gear is precious to us, so let’s make sure we give it the best treatment possible.


Environmental Benefits

By using Grangers, you’re not only protecting your investment but you’re actively helping the environment by ensuring your down item continues performing for longer, increasing its lifespan. All Grangers solutions are water-based, bluesign-approved and PFC-free, effective in both hard and soft water and are contained in 100% recycled bottles or eco alternatives. Our Down Wash 1L Eco Pouch and Wash + Repel Down 2 in 1 Eco Pouch contain 72% less plastic, reducing our plastic waste and helping to protect the world we love to explore. Since switching to our 1-litre pouches, you've helped us to save more than six tonnes of plastic! When you choose Grangers, you choose sustainability, so let’s get your down gear prepped and protected for this coming winter! #withgrangersyoucan #ecograngers