Getting outside in the British summer is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. Of course, with the warmer weather, our body temperature is higher and, as we push ourselves more, we end up getting a lot sweatier when exercising. Even the air-conditioned gyms seem so much hotter.

A lot of us are conscious of sweat patches and being the smelly one at the gym or running club and if your gear isn’t in top form then how can you expect to be?

Here at Grangers, we want to enhance your time exercising with products that take away those sweaty smells and keep you performing at your best, and this is why we introduced our active range.

Active Wash is the go-to solution for all activewear. As well as removing all those sweaty odours, that seem to return as soon as you’ve put your clothes on after the wash, it’s also formulated to wick away moisture. This neutral-smelling wash-in product doesn’t simply mask with perfumes it works at the source making sure that your gear is sweat and smell free.

Ideal for all activewear materials such as lycra, cotton, polyester and merino wool, Active Wash works at low-wash temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your favourite baselayers and sportswear.

The great thing about this product too is that it’s super easy to use. You simply pop your sportswear into the washing machine in the way you would normally but replace your standard washing detergent with a cap full of Active Wash – simple!

We know that it’s not just your clothing that needs a bit of a refresh at times though, and this is why we created Odour Eliminator. It refreshes and revives, removing the properties that cause dirt and sweaty smells to linger.

Odour Eliminator is the perfect friend for all of your non-washable items such as helmets, backpacks, gloves, shin pads, the inside of footwear, your gym bag, etc. You name it – Odour Eliminator is safe to use. One of our colleagues even uses it to freshen up his car seats after the dog has been for a day out with them. 

As well as non-washable items, it’s also perfect for refreshing outdoor gear between washes such as sleeping bags, clothing and climbing harnesses. 

As well as being able to purchase both of these products individually, we also have our Activewear Care Kit, which contains both of these bottles and a mesh kit bag for washing or to use at the gym.

Remember, if you’re out running and find yourself distracted by the smell of your clothing, then Grangers’ active range is here to help!