Get Glastonbury-ready with Grangers

Glastonbury is a big deal for music lovers worldwide, arguably being the most iconic and recognisable music camping festival out there. If you’re heading to Worthy Farm (or any other festival) this summer, we've prepared some handy tips to help you get ready for Glastonbury with Grangers!

If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on some Glastonbury tickets, you’re certainly in for a fun five days of world-class musicians, unpredictable weather and unforgettable moments. With headlining acts including Coldplay, Dua Lipa, SZA and Shania Twain, you can imagine the hype. Admittedly, preparing for the world’s most iconic music festival is a little daunting, even for the most seasoned of festival-goers – we highly recommend doing your research for ideas on the kind of equipment you need to take. It doesn’t matter if you’re an occasional camper or a complete novice, Team Grangers is here to provide you with the inside intel to make the most of your upcoming adventure and hopefully save you from buying brand-new camping gear.

A decent tent is a necessity when attending a camping festival. If you’re sharing with mates, a partner or family, understand that you’ll all be pretty miserable if your tent doesn’t adequately protect you from the elements. But this is easily avoidable. If your tent has been lurking in the garage, collecting dust and cobwebs for a while, all that dirt and dust clogging the surface will have majorly affected its ability to repel water, requiring a clean and reproof. After treating your tent with Grangers’ Tent + Gear Care Kit, we recommend getting your old camping rucksack in on the cleaning action too (if you have one).

Got a sleeping bag that is a bit worse for wear? Maybe it’s been pummelled and flattened from use. Grangers’ Down Wash Kit will sort this out for you. Down Wash thoroughly cleans and refreshes down items whilst the dryer balls from the kit revive the loft, making your sleeping bag insulated and puffy once more, improving its ability to keep you warm at night. Speaking of keeping warm and dry, you need to take a waterproof pack-down jacket. This is a no-brainer. Late June’s forecast is pretty unpredictable: last year’s Glastonbury weather was dry and hot – more like sweltering – but Glastonbury has actually flooded in the past (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen). Cast your mind back to the infamous Glastonbury mud bath of 2005…it’s unlikely to happen this year but it’s always good to be prepared. With a waterproof coat, you’ll be warm and dry if the heavens open and, if you want to be a savvy packer, we recommend selecting a waterproof that easily packs down into its hood or included pouch, saving you space.

A common conundrum is debating whether to take hiking boots or wellies. If you have the space, we suggest taking both. Be warned, you’ll be walking miles every day whilst there, so comfort is key. Take some trusty hiking boots to keep your feet supported and the wellies will come in handy if there is a deluge and mud comes up to your ankles. Let Grangers handle the maintenance for both pairs of footwear before and after hitting the farm. If your hiking boots are muddy from previous use, brush off the excess dirt and give them a good blasting with Footwear + Gear Cleaner followed by a protective coating of Footwear Repel Plus. Treat your wellies to a clean and a good spray of Rubber Boot Care to restore their appearance and remove the white rubber ‘blooming’.


For the clean freaks amongst you, the thought of spending five days jostling about in clammy crowds and sharing a sticky tent without showering might conjure a cold sweat of dread. Showers are available but their queues quickly become manic, so, unless you’re prepared to queue for very a long time or go in the very early hours of the morning, you can forget it. Consequently, natural deodorant, biodegradable wet wipes and dry hair shampoo are going to be your new best friends during your time at Glastonbury. Deodorant will stop you (hopefully) from smelling like a dumpster, wet wipes will cleanse your skin whilst leaving you (slightly) refreshed and dry hair shampoo will keep the greasy rats’ nest at bay (this is only a concern for long-haired attendees). Festival toilets are never fun and very rarely have enough paper or hand wash to be considered hygienic, so popping a roll of toilet paper in your backpack won’t go amiss. To give additional peace of mind, Grangers’ Hand Sanitiser and Hand Wipes will be incredibly handy to keep with you at all times, keeping your hands free of bacteria and dirt.

Festivals are wonderful events but they do create an awful lot of waste. The litter left behind by masses of people is not healthy for the environment. However, by picking up your rubbish, taking it home to dispose of responsibly and opting for sustainable alternatives to festival essentials, you will be doing your little bit to reduce the waste produced by the event. We recommend packing some bio-degradable bin bags to take care of all the rubbish you and your campmates leave in your wake. By responsibly disposing of your rubbish, you’ll know you’ve done your part for the local environment. Furthermore, by cleaning and reproofing the gear that you already own, you’re extending its lifespan, delaying your equipment from ending up in landfill sites. Not only is this eco-friendly but it’s also being kind to your pocket, as neglected, dirty tents and gear lose their water-repellency and become useless, meaning you’d have to fork out for some new kit! Cleaning and reproofing with Grangers will save you some much-needed dough that you can use to spend on other essentials, like some decent scran whilst you’re there!

If you’re heading to Glastonbury this month, or planning on visiting any other camping festivals this summer, preparation is key – and what better way to prep your outdoor gear than with Grangers? #withgrangersyoucan