Do Your Bit for King & Country!

The event that has been on everybody’s lips for months is finally here. This weekend, Charles Windsor will be crowned King of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, undertaking the title of King Charles III, following his predecessor and mother, Queen Elizabeth II. The coronation will take place Saturday 6th May, followed by performances by some of the world’s greatest music stars on Sunday 7th May, then, finally, the country is being treated to a Bank Holiday on Monday – lucky us!

Since 1937 (and as of Saturday), Grangers will have seen three coronations: George VI in 1937, Elizabeth II in 1953 and Charles III. We are proud to be a British company, having protected the nation’s outdoor gear for over 85 years and encouraging people to get out, explore and protect our wonderful and diverse countryside. As we get an extra Bank Holiday to celebrate, we might be scratching our heads about what to do. This coronation weekend, why not get involved in The Big Help Out, a national campaign to get us all volunteering and engaged with our communities and outdoor spaces?

The Big Help Out wants to inspire a national volunteering day on 8th May – our extra Bank Holiday Monday – to encourage us to make positive changes in our local areas. You can get stuck in with Sustainability & Environment, Animal Welfare or Sports, Arts & Culture amongst many other volunteering categories. The activities include tasks such as litter picking, tending to allotments and nature conversation, though tasks are dependent on your area. Businesses and companies are getting involved along the length and breadth of the country, organising events and volunteering opportunities for locals to help strengthen and improve their communities. 

To get involved, all you need to do is go to their website ( or download the app to discover all the events taking place in your local area. Make sure to tag us on social media using #withgrangersyoucan so we can see what you’ve been up to!