Are you winter ready?

Somehow, we’ve made it to the last few weeks of 2016. Whatever you might feel towards the outgoing year, don’t despair – there’s still plenty of time for a last-minute adventure to turn things around!

Of course, once you’ve dragged your winter jackets, boots, and other outdoor gear out of storage, you’re going to need to prepare it for the challenges and excitement of the whole new season. That’s where we come in. Grangers has over 75 years of experience when it comes to cleaning, protecting, and restoring all kinds of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment. Plus, being British-based means that we’re particularly good at handling the cold, wet, and utterly dismal weather too!

Caring for your clothing:

Waterproof clothing is an unfortunate year-round necessity in the United Kingdom, but it’s doubly important in winter. The dropping temperatures coupled with an increased risk of rain, snow, and other inclement conditions make it important to give even your trustiest jacket a little extra attention…

  • Use PERFORMANCE WASH to get your jackets and clothing looking – and smelling – their best. Simply replace your regular laundry products with a capful of this to remove dirt, dust, and other muck – and to prepare it for future waterproofing treatments.
  • For maintaining down-filled items, our DOWN WASH KIT is king. Use the included bottle of Down Wash to remove dirt and odours, and add the three reusable dryer balls to the tumble dryer to improve drying times and restore loft and insulation.
  • Finally, if you want to add a water-repellent finish to your gear, you have several options. For ease of use, CLOTHING REPEL is your best choice – simply add two caps to your washing machine, and wash the item you wish to proof on a regular cycle. If you’d rather use a spray-on product, perhaps just to top up high-wear areas, PERFORMANCE REPEL gives great protection without needing heat activation.

Caring for your footwear:

Even if you aren’t buried under a mountain of snow this winter, your footwear will still have to work harder than normal if your feet are going to stay protected, warm, and dry. While most winter boots and shoes will already be more rugged than your summer kicks, you can help them along by using the following product…

  • FOOTWEAR + GEAR CLEANER is ideal for cleaning all kinds of footwear. It’ll ensure that dirt, dust, and any other impurities you pick up during your travels don’t affect the aesthetics or performance of your footwear. It’s easy to apply, and can even spot-clean clothing in a pinch.
  • G-WAX and WATERPROOFING WAX are both great ways to keep leather footwear performing at its best throughout and beyond. Made with natural beeswax to provide nourishment as well as protection, these products also make great gifts for outdoor enthusiasts!
  • Finally, FOOTWEAR REPEL is a waterproofing spray useful for protecting fabric or synthetic footwear from rain and stains. It’s not always desirable to clomp about in heavy leather boots, so use this product to ensure your feet remain dry whatever you’re wearing.