You’ll have noticed this shiny blue tag on our bottles, and as the first aftercare brand in the world to achieve bluesign® system partner status in 2007,  it’s an accreditation we’re so proud to tell you more about.

What is bluesign®?

The bluesign® standard is a widely-accepted, reliable and proactive tool that certifies the eco-friendliness of the entire production chain. Instead of focusing on finished product testing, the bluesign® standard analyses all input streams – from raw materials to chemical components. Since assessment begins prior to production even begins, this accreditation means you can be rest assured that our products are cleaner, safer and more environmentally responsible.

When we joined

In 2007, we were the first aftercare brand in the world to receive bluesign® accreditation and now, 14 years later, we’re proud to still be a full bluesign® system partner, with a wide range of bluesign®  approved products.

What Bluesign® means to us

Bluesign® is an integral part of our core values, using the system means that we can measure the sustainability of our products and processes. Through this renowned third-party accreditation, you can feel assured that as a brand we’re focused on sustainability and environmentally-responsible protection!

As well as adding to our own eco credentials and ensuring environmental protection across our range, it also allows us to collaborate with fellow leading bluesign® members from the outdoor industry who equally hold bluesign® as integral.

The bluesign® system relentlessly pursues environmental responsibility on a global scale, perfectly aligning with Grangers core values.