100% Recycled

Grangers has always prioritised environmentally-responsible aftercare. Although we’re delighted with our progress to date, we’re always looking forward for ways in which to do more to help to protect the world we love to explore which is why we created our Next Generation Bottles.

These bottles are 100% recycled and contain 0% virgin plastic.

Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) resin is recycled plastic made from items such as plastic drinks bottles. This means single-use materials that are usually disposed of in landfill sites. This plastic waste is processed into resin pellets and then reused to create new plastic items such as our 100% bottles.

We’re proud to be able to reuse plastics in this way and also to see a movement in this direction from so many brands today. As a community, this means we’re working together to reduce the production and waste of virgin plastic.

As well as 100% recycled, PCR continues to be 100% recyclable too, meaning that the environmental impact of raw material usage and the manufacturing processes used to make plastic are significantly lessened. It takes about 60% less energy to produce PCR bottles than virgin plastic.

Through reusing and also refilling, we’re all helping to work together to extend the life of plastic, minimise its impact, and equally lessen our carbon footprint. #inthistogether