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A Memory+ insole that adds comfort and support to all footwear.



  • Memory foam for added comfort and shock protection.
  • Coolmax® DermoDry top sheet.
  • Breathable.
  • Durable.
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How to Use

Suitable for

  • All footwear





    The most important thing on any walk is comfort and that is what our G10 insole is there to do – keep your feet comfy so you want to keep them moving.


    These insoles have a 5mm memory foam mid-layer which ensures immediate and long-lasting comfort.

    You’ll also find a moisture-wicking Coolmax® DermoDry top sheet and felt base which not only aids moisture management but also adds durability and increases stability.


    So, make sure you buy your boots this new accessory today so that your feet continue to stay your friend.

    How to use

    •Remove any existing insoles.

    •Replace with the correct G10 for your size.

    •Depending on how your boots currently fit, you may need to choose a smaller or larger size.

    *Top tip* To ensure these insoles stay extra fresh after long hikes, spray with Odour Eliminator.