Wax Cotton Dressing


This easy-to-apply wax revives the appearance and performance of all your beloved waxed cotton clothing.



  • Easy to apply.
  • Durable protection.
  • Restores performance.
  • PFC-free.
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How to Use

Suitable for

  • Barbour Jackets®
  • All waxed cotton clothing
  • All waxed cotton accessories


Your wax jackets are designed, not only to keep you warm and dry, but also to help you look the part when you’re outside. There’s nothing worse than when your wax jacket starts to fade in places and starts to look more scruffy than tidy, no longer keeping you warm and dry. This is where our Wax Cotton Dressing steps in.
This easy-to-apply wax is designed to make reviving both the appearance and performance of your wax cotton clothing easy.

How to use

• Ensure material surface is clean and dry.

• Apply wax evenly with a clean cloth.

• Once the wax has absorbed, wipe off excess with clean cloth.

• Hang the garment in a warm place overnight to dry fully.