We’re stepping up our fight to protect the NHS during Covid-19

We’re always looking to see what more we can do to protect the world around us, and this is why we’re delighted to announce we have been making grounds in protection for NHS workers and other health care professionals.


Protecting all you lovely people against the elements is what gets us up in the morning. To us, that, paired with making clothing and footwear last longer, is the most important thing but we always want to see what more we can do. During these strange times we face, we feel we have a greater responsibility to go a step further to protect everyone, with a particular focus on NHS workers and other global medical professionals who fight Covid-19 and other infections on a daily basis.


One of the biggest limitations when faced with limited supply of PPE is single-use or single-wear. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to working closer with a Clinician, to further understand these limitations and how we can support.


Our team are now working closely with NHS experts to increase development in this area, exploring ways to extend the life of scrubs and other equipment, that help to protect against life-threatening infections. 


Although this is just the beginning of a very important venture for us, professional testing has already taken place allowing us to start work on projects which will help to extend the use of scrubs being used on the front line.


A word from our General Manager: ‘During these times, we wanted to see what we could do to assist the NHS and medical professionals world-wide and reduce the waste of single-use and single-wear PPE. The support that we’ve already been able to provide, along with ongoing research, makes it a very rewarding project. We’re incredibly grateful for the professional guidance we’ve received to further our research and development in this area. We pride ourselves on protecting our customers and the world they love to explore, and this exciting project will allow us to go one step further’.


We’re excited to keep you updated on this wonderful project and we’re delighted to be given the opportunity to support the key workers who are going above and beyond to support all of us.


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