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  A word from Resources Himalaya Foundation:

 Nepal has seen a steady and positive rise in the number of tourists (both domestic and international) in the past few years, which is a good thing for our local economy. However, although it’s made a massive impact on our economy it’s also caused big problems for the environment through littering. For every tourist that passes through the Langtang National Park, at least one kilo of waste is left behind by them, willingly or unwillingly. So much waste from drinks such as energy drink cans, to food waste such as granola bar wrappers, this waste is literally damaging the scenic image of this trail, one piece of plastic at a time. It’s not too late to make a difference: help Resources Himalaya Foundation ensure that all this waste is properly managed in a sustainable and eco-friendly way by voting and ensuring our project becomes a reality. Let’s keep our trails clean, as it’s heartbreaking to see them being befouled by litter and trash.

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 And vote for Clean-up High Altitude Heritage, Nepal

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