Exciting film project – we want you!

Why we need you

We want to celebrate you and your love for the outdoors, because whatever you’re into #withgrangersyoucan

We’re asking you, the lovers of all things wilderness and adventure to get outside, film your antics, and send them into us so that we can show the world what it is that you get up to. To be part of this exciting project, we need your clips and bits of film, and so that we can make sure they’re usable in the final edit, we’d kindly ask you to follow a few guidelines. Just read the guidelines below, #getoutside with your camera/Go-Pro/phone or whatever you fancy and upload your footage. All those who upload their footage, will receive a 50% discount code and, if you’re chosen for the final film, you’ll receive some more Grangers goodies, so why not #getoutside and #getinvolved today and share with us, so we can share with the world, what it is you love to get up to?!


The Content: 

  • Make it personal – Show us where you are, what you’re doing and why you love it.
  • No exceptions – Whatever you’re into we want to see your footage. This can be anything from walking, kayaking, paragliding, skydiving, climbing, swimming, running or more, whatever it is #withgrangersyoucan so we want to see.
  • Make it timely – Aim for a scene that lasts from 15 secs to 1 min, a “snapshot”.
  • Paint a picture – Use the visuals to tell the story, ideally a balance of action and landscapes.
  • Don’t be shy – Shoot more than just one clip of where you are and what you’re doing. Show us a few different angles.
  • Most importantly – Keep footage steady and in focus (unless done for dramatic effect).
  • If you have any Grangers-specific content – beading, preparing gear, we’d love to see that, but there’s no pressure we want your footage to be adventure-focused.


  • Landscape not portrait (for phones, this will mean capturing with your phone on its side) 
  • For more technical equipment:
    • an aspect ratio of 16:9 – Widescreen
    • Minimum resolution of 1920x1080 (HD)
    • Frame rate of 25fps (If the footage is being shot on a smartphone, this will be the default setting)


Simply click this link to upload your footage https://www.dropbox.com/request/VsMjRTerVeRGHgqTl85V  


In order for us to use your footage, you will need to agree that the film clips are yours, anyone in the foreground is happy for the footage to be used by us and most importantly, you are happy for us to use the footage. Please email this consent via email to competitions@grangers.co.uk upon submission of your footage.

I (insert name) consent to Grangers use of my footage, submitted on the (insert date) to be used in a film that will be shared with unlimited audiences, on unlimited platforms, for an unlimited time period. 

 (If others are included in the film) please ask them to email:

I (insert name) consent to Grangers use of (insert name’s) footage, in which I appear, to be used in a film that will be shared with unlimited audiences, on unlimited platforms for an unlimited time period. 


Please send your clips to us at the following link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/VsMjRTerVeRGHgqTl85V


If you have questions about this project, please email competitions@grangers.co.uk

We’re really excited to see all your footage!