Why Granger’s?

Here at Granger’s, we’ve been making aftercare products for a while now. Starting way back in 1937, our story began with a single contract from the Military of Defence. Since then, we’ve adapted and evolved to offer a huge range of products across several different markets. Today, we ship over 15 million products per year to over 50 different countries worldwide! During our 77 years, we’ve loved researching new formulations, and we’ve openly embraced new technology. The bottom line? More than anybody else, Granger’s has the experience needed to exceed the needs of our customers – and to survive some very wet British summers!

Looking back...

Founded in 1937, Granger’s started business as a manufacturer and supplier of waterproofing solutions.


Granger’s first contract came from the UK’s Military of Defence, who needed a waterproofing treatment that could be easily applied to their canvas tents.


In 1947, Granger’s introduced the world to the very first water-based waterproofing solution.


Never one to shy away from adventure, Granger’s products were used during the first successful Everest expedition in 1953!


In 1977, Martyn Rose purchased the company and quickly began turning Granger’s into a true market leader. Within 4 years, the business achieved a value of over £1 million. 

These days, Granger’s continues to grow from strength to strength. Our newest formulations are ecologically friendly – and more effective than ever. In 2014, we achieved a turnover of over £10 million. And, going forward, we’re excited to introduce new products – and refined formulations – that help you get the most from your kit!

Our Products…

The Granger’s line-up has changed quite a bit over the years. While waterproofing solutions are still at the heart of everything we do, we’ve also developed a huge range of cleaners, waxes, and deodorisers to help you give your kit the aftercare it deserves:

Clothing Repel is perfect for restoring the durable water-repellent finish found on all kinds of technical clothing

Odour Eliminator targets the cause of stinks and smells, leaving your gear smelling fresh!

Gear Cleaner helps keep your kit looking – and performing – at its best. Simply spray on, and wipe off for cleaner gear

Every one of our products has been designed with your needs in mind. We’ve moved away from fluorocarbon formulations so that our products have a much smaller impact on the environment. Our tech support team are situated right at the heart of our operations in the UK,, so that they can get you the information you need promptly. And, our online store lets you purchase your favourite Granger’s products, whatever the time of day.

Science Stuff…

At Granger’s, we believe that independent accreditation is the best way to demonstrate how effective our products are. That’s why we work with SATRA, a leading authority in the testing of footwear, leather goods, and apparel. You can find out more about SATRA at www.satra.co.uk.

We’re also passionate about creating sustainable, environmentally friendly products:

  • Granger’s products are ISO 14001 certified – an independent confirmation that our products and processes conform to the highest of environmental principles.
  • Almost all Granger’s products are bluesign® approved. The bluesign® system recognises products that have eliminated harmful substances throughout their manufacturing process. This ensures that the final product is environmentally friendly – and that it meets strict safety requirements.
  • Our range of waterproofers now feature a unique Acrylic Polymer Technology developed by our lab technicians. APT is a much more eco-friendly formulation than the fluorocarbon science used by many other waterproofers, whilst still offering excellent performance.

Whatever your reason for choosing Granger’s, you can be sure that we’re dedicated to helping you get the most from your kit. And, if you’re still not convinced, feel free to drop us a line at info@grangers.co.uk, send us a tweet at @grangers, or message us via Facebook!