G40 Stability +

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A robust insole offering unrivalled support, and all-day protection.

  • Microfibre upper to wick away moisture.
  • Integrated gel pads to provide maximum comfort.
  • Contoured profile for increased support.
  • EVA footbed for enhanced stability.
  • Integrated shock protection.

Grangers G40 Stability+ insoles have been designed to offer unrivalled protection, comfort, and support, whether you’re out adventuring or heading to the office.

Combining the features of Grangers G10, G20, and G30 insoles into a single lightweight performance insole, Grangers G40 Stability+ feature a moisture-wicking microfibre top layer, a full-length EVA cradle for increased stability, integrated gel pockets for luxurious comfort, and a contoured profile designed to provide sustained arch and heel support.

With a flattened toe area to reduce pressure, and under-heel and footbed cushioning, Grangers G40 Stability+ insoles are feature-packed, and provide the ultimate level of comfort, protection, support, and durability.

Great For

Walking / Treking

Grangers G40 Stability+ insoles are designed to fit into any shoe, and structured for unparalleled support.

Construction information:

  • Weight: 156g (for one pair of size 44 insoles).
  • Microfibre upper.
  • EVA footbed.
  • Memory foam core.
  • Gel pads in the forefoot and heel
  • Felt base for increased breathability.

For more information on this product, please email info@grangers.co.uk, or use our online help system. 

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3.0 out of 5

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Well it turns out to be my fault as hand wash only! Replacements sent so top marks for customer supporrt! Have stopped my feet aching on long walks so top marks for them also!



Useless! Wore ONCE, washed Once and completely fell apart!!!!

How it Works

With gel pads in the forefoot and heel cup areas, these insoles protect against shock and provide increased support and stability. 

How it fits

A contoured profile helps the insole fit into all types of medium-to-high volume footwear, including running shoes, work boots, or casual footwear.

  • 1 Microfibre top sheet.
  • 2 Contoured footbed for increased support.
  • 3 Gel pads for enhanced shock protection.