Fabsil Universal Protector

Nothing takes the fun out of camping like a leaking tent. Whether you're adventuring in far-flung lands, or simply getting away for a day or two at a local campsite, making sure that your gear is able to protect you is essential. Fortunately, Fabsil Universal Protector can help.

Designed to restore the durable water-repellent finish found on tents and other outdoor equipment, Fabsil Universal Protector is as easy-to-apply as it is effective. It even has an in-built UV inhibitor to protect your gear against sun damage!

Trusted by seasoned explorers, arctic adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all abilities, Fabsil helps to protect tents, boat covers, parasols, awnings, outdoor furniture, and any other fabrics that might need water-repellency!

Order from us throughout March 2017, and save 10% on all purchases of Fabsil too - just the thing for getting your gear in shape before spring truly arrives!