Preparing for adventure

With plummeting temperatures, long, dark evenings, and the overwhelming temptation to hide under a mountain of blankets with a cuppa, the thought of pulling on your walking boots and heading outside this winter is kind of depressing.

Hopefully, the new waterproof jacket you got for Christmas this year should help motivate you somewhat, while your New Year’s resolution to ‘get outside more’ should also give you another incentive to head outdoors…

Whatever your reasons, though, you’re still going to need a little help if you – and your outdoors gear – are to survive some potentially torrential weather. Fortunately, our tips below should help you and your gear persevere – without requiring you to compromise on performance!

Keep your feet dry

You might have the best walking shoes in the world – with a waterproof lining, wicking inners, and supple leather uppers – but in heavy snow and rain, there’s no guarantee that your feet will stay dry.

Before heading outside, treating your boots with a waterproofing product can help prevent water from getting anywhere near your feet. Products like Granger’s Leather Conditioner or our Footwear Repel will help protect your boots by enhancing their water-resistance – leaving your socks decidedly less soggy!

Clean your kit properly

You probably already know this, but how you clean and care for your outdoors kit can have a significant impact on its performance. While your clothes have been specifically designed to endure a wide range of weather conditions, washing them at the wrong temperature – or worse, with the wrong detergent – can have a damaging effect on their key features.

Granger’s Performance Wash has been specially formulated to work with the materials and fabrics in your outdoors kit so that it performs at its best after every wash, without removing the waterproof lining your gear might possess. Cleaning your jackets with Performance Wash will ensure it lasts longer, looks better, and smells nicer – saving you money when it’s time to replace it!

Smell good

If you’re adventuring outdoors in the winter weather, you’re going to get wet and dirty, which can – in turn – make your kit smell. Of course, usually the best way to clean your kit is to pop it in the washing machine, but what do you do with clothing or equipment that can’t be washed?

With the technical fibres that make up your kit absorbing and trapping sweat, dirt, and grime, there’s not a great deal you can do to get rid of the smell. One way to banish them, though, is with an odour eliminator spray. Products like Granger’s Odour Eliminator will remove odours from your kit without you having to squeeze them into the washing machine! It’s great for helmets, gloves, and even kit bags.


Whether you’re a keen adventurer, enjoy a more relaxed ramble, or you’re just looking to stay dry while you’re walking the dog, looking after your gear is a great way to enjoy perfect performance all year round. Buy from our online store today, and get free delivery on all orders over £10!