Prepare for the unpredictable!

Is there a bigger cliché for us Brits than a good discussion about the weather? Even when friends and family members go abroad, the first thing we usually ask them upon return is ‘How was the weather?’. Weather chat is often used as a filler for conversations with strangers, too, as a polite way of acknowledging one another.

Here at Grangers, we love all kinds of weather, from the blistering heat, to the bone-chilling cold. And we particularly love a good rainstorm so we can watch the rain beading on our freshly proofed clothing. For us, there’s no finer sight!

We like to get outdoors come rain or shine and, to us, there’s no such thing as bad weather!

The UK is quite famous for its unpredictable weather – where it can torrentially rain in the morning and then boast tropical weather in the afternoon. This is thanks to the UK’s location – an area in which five air masses meet. Polar and arctic air convenes with tropic air to cause a huge variation in weather conditions.

For a successful adventure, in unpredictable weather, layering is vital, when the weather is cold and wet you can keep warm and dry and then, when the weather inevitably turns to bright sunshine, you’ll have appropriate clothing to keep you cool underneath. We recommend starting with a baselayer, to wick away sweat and moisture, before adding a mid-layer to keep you warm. Then, add a breathable jacket of your choice, either hard or softshell, to let sweat out whilst blocking out rain and the cold. Our Clothing Care Kit is ideal for all layers, Performance Wash cleans and maintains the Durable Water Repellency (DWR) of your mid-layer and jacket layer, while Performance Repel Plus reproofs, and the free sample of Active Wash keeps baselayers fresh and odour-free.

If you want one product which will cover all your layers, then there’s the Sprayway Men’s Orsk 3-in-1 Jacket which can be worn in 3 combinations – as a waterproof outer jacket or insulated inner or as both layers together for a waterproof and warm obstacle to the harshest of conditions.

At least we can predict that summer is warmer than winter, mostly! Thinner layers are usually needed in summer, but rain can be just as common, so, investing in a thin waterproof jacket is essential for preparation. The North Face FutureLight Dryzzle or Flight Series are great waterproof jackets that are thinner in nature. To ensure that your jackets don’t wet out, keep them clean with our Performance Wash as ordinary detergents will strip the DWR finish.   

One ironic feature of the British weather is that its constant unpredictability is actually predictable, you can often guarantee that as soon as you head out in the sunshine, rainfall will hit you. People say ‘At least the rain is warm’ but getting soaked is an unpleasant experience, which often leads to you getting cold. To ensure you’re kept warm and dry on every adventure, an easy-to-use simple product like Wash + Repel Clothing 2 in 1 will maintain breathability and ensure that rainy spells don’t dampen your adventurous experience. It’s easy to prepare for these occasions though with the right jacket, such as Kathmandu’s Altum GORE-TEX jacket which features a pack-away hood and is longer than most jackets, offering better coverage.

Something that has been oddly predictable of late are the storms which seemed to overbear every weekend in February – heavy rain and wind spoiled many an outing. Venturing out into the wind and rain shouldn’t be such a terrible thing though, if enough clothing is protected. Our protection products, such as Clothing Repel, not only protect clothing from wet-weather conditions but also help to protect against damage caused by dirt and strong winds and hail.

Wearing clothing that is suited to all weathers is something that is simple to do and can effectively help you complete your adventure. In conditions where hot to cold that can happen in an instant, wearing a woollen jacket such as the Patagonia Recycled Wool Bomber Jacket can help. Wool’s properties allow it to cool you in hot weather and warm you in colder weather. It is also biodegradable so when it's time to get rid of your woollen clothing, you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t affect the environment. Wool can absorb 30% of its weight in water yet still insulates, even when wet. To make your woollen clothing last and protect as it should, we’d still recommend using our Merino Wash to keep it clean and protect the natural water-repellent and anti-bacterial properties of merino and woollen clothing.

We understand that, when it isn’t looking too bright and sunny outside, you’re less likely to want to explore, but we believe that every variable of weather offers different experiences – all of which are enjoyable. So, before you take a rain check on an adventure, remember that with Grangers you can get outside during the cold, warm, dry and wet weather and enjoy every second.