Look after your gear, so it takes care of you.

Here at Grangers, we have a saying ‘ooh look at the beading on that’. Yes, that’s right, we’re a bunch of geeks when it comes to waterproofing, and love nothing better than seeing beading appear on a jacket in a heavy downpour of rain.

This is why we spend so long working on our formulations and making sure that they are the top of their game and guaranteed to keep you guys dry – so you can get excited about beading too.


The simple answer is to keep you warm and dry and make your gear last.

Regardless of what you spend on a waterproof jacket or clothing, you buy it because it looks good and will serve a purpose. The thing is, if you don’t take care of your outdoor clothing, not only will it no longer be fit for purpose, but it won’t look so good either.

We have another saying here at Grangers (big lovers of them), ‘look after your jacket, so it takes care of you.’ This is so true. We wouldn’t expect our ordinary clothes to look so great without a regular wash, yet so many of us expect our jackets to just keep performing, regardless of what we throw at them. Well, in order for a jacket to perform at its best it needs regular care, and this means cleaning and proofing – don’t worry though it’s so easy to use you can have your items spinning in the machine in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

So, why do you need to reproof your waterproof clothing? Let’s quickly touch on the technical side of things so that you can understand in a bit more detail.

Outdoor apparel uses a durable water-repellent finish (DWR) to keep you dry. This finish forces water to bead away when it rains, while also allowing water vapour to escape – keeping you dry inside and out. Over time, the finish can wear away, causing your gear to absorb water rather than repelling it – meaning you’re no longer protected against the elements. It also affects your gear’s breathability, leaving you feeling clammy. 

When jackets get to this stage a lot of people stop wearing them, presuming they are faulty, yet the solution is so simple – Grangers. By using Grangers products, we guarantee that your jacket will return to maximum performance once more. Meaning no more wet days, just more rainy days you can explore in! #withgrangersyoucan