Local trails, local products

Having returned from our Scotland road-trip slightly earlier than expected and not wanting to sit around, we decided to head into the Peak District with some friends for the day. Living in Derby, the Peaks are so accessible so we’re really trying to make an effort to spend more time exploring our local trails.


We met up in Bakewell at a leisurely 11 o’clock and wandered around the bustling streets. Despite the intermittent rain, the town was still a hive of activity with cafes packed full with a mix of locals and tourists. We found a free table in one of the traditional tart shops and ordered ourselves a mix of elevenses including a cream tea, Bakewell Tart and Bakewell Pudding - one of our friends hadn’t tried either of them so we had to get both, right? We shared amongst the four of us and thought this ‘snack’ would provide us with enough energy for a short walk.

We drove out to Sheldon, a small village a few miles west of Bakewell and parked up in the pub car park where we’d planned to start our walk. As tempting as it was to sit in the pub and chat over a couple of drinks, we put our waterproofs on and headed out on the route above. We walked anti-clockwise, starting by crossing a number of fields, styles and stone walls before descending the steep path into the aptly named Deep Dale. Unfortunately, the cloud base was right down and the views from the top were almost non-existent but a gap formed every so often giving us a glimpse. As we descended, the trees provided some welcome shelter from the rain, although our waterproofs were thankfully living up to the job.

Keeping our equipment at its best performance is really important to us. After all, it is designed to look after us in the worst of conditions, so it’s only right to spend time looking after it. To do this, we use the range of products from Grangers because they’re eco-friendly, local, easy to use and perform well. We mostly use the Performance Wash and Performance Repel on our waterproof clothing and Active Wash on anything against our skin. The result is highly repellent waterproofs that keep us dry when we’re out in the elements and fresh base layers to keep us warm.



The trees didn’t last for long and we were soon walking along the open dale bottom. The deep cut valley offered little opportunity to escape the wind and rain as we faced it head-on. We passed walkers with almost dry fronts and it was quickly stated that we’d chosen to do the route the wrong way round! Nevertheless, we continued walking and slowly climbed out of the other end of the dale. We passed settlements and disused shafts leading us to wonder about the history of the place. Nearing the top of the path, we took a left and headed up the dale side. We crossed a couple of fields before finding the country road taking us back to the pub.

We quickly realised that the pub was no longer serving food so decided to head back into Bakewell to a pub serving local products, this time Derbyshire oatcakes! We enjoyed our warming meals and a pint of Peak Ales’ Bakewell Best Bitter before parting company and heading back home.


Andy & Gee, TwoTravlrs