Autumn kit care

As cooler, shorter, and (probably) rainy-er days draw in, September 2018 is the ideal time to take stock of your outdoor kit, and for making sure it’s ready for any Autumn adventures you might be planning!




Your jacket is often the first line of defence you have against the weather. As such, it needs to be able to keep you warm, dry, and protected, whatever conditions you’re facing…

The first thing to check is that your jacket is clean. Dirt, dust, and other residues will stop your jacket from repelling water, and can even affect breathability. Using Performance Wash will leave your kit clean without impairing any of its technical or performance features – unlike with regular household detergents. Down Wash and Merino Wash will also get your gear back to clean and are useful if your jacket contains any specialist fabrics or fillings.


Next, check that your jacket is still able to repel water. Ideally, water should bead up and roll away once it hits the surface of your jacket – if it doesn’t, it will need a fresh water-repellent treatment. Clothing Repel is an easy-to-use wash-in formulation that adds water-repellency without needing heat treatment. Performance Repel will do the same job, but can be sprayed on rather than needing to be washed in – making it ideal for high wear areas around the cuffs, collar, and wherever a backpack may rub. Both products are air dry and completely PFC-free.





Your footwear probably works hardest out of all your kit – it gets dragged through every mile you walk, come rain, wind, or shine. That’s why it pays to make sure that it’s equipped to keep you protected…

Having a clean pair of shoes doesn’t just leave you looking good – you’ll also be better protected. Clean shoes are better able to repel water and are more breathable than shoes covered in mud. Plus, with a cleaner shoe, you’ll be more likely to spot rips, cracks and tears. Footwear + Gear Cleaner is our dedicated cleaner for footwear (and other, non-washable, gear), and we recommend its use after every hike.


Whether you proof, wax, or condition your shoes will depend on what materials they’re made from. For fabrics, suede, or nubuck, the best way to ensure you’re protected is with Footwear Repel. This spray-on product dries to an invisible finish and will provide good water-repellency through even the toughest conditions.


If you have leather footwear, you have two more options. If you’re aiming for maximum protection and conditioning for your boots – and you’re prepared to spend the time needed to get that – G Wax is the product for you. Apply sparingly to clean leather footwear to prolong its life and to maintain its performance. You can also use Leather Conditioner on your leather footwear too – it’s easier to put on, but loses a little of its protective qualities as a result. Both products are great for smooth leather but can affect the finish of other types of leather.



Everything Else…


From rucksacks to sleeping bags, through to tents and ski masks, autumn and winter are particularly tough seasons on all kinds of kit. Fortunately, our 

Tent + Gear Cleaner and Tent + Gear Repel are ideal for sorting out any gear or equipment that isn’t machine-washable!



Wherever you’re adventuring this autumn (or fall), make sure your gear is up to the task with Grangers.