We are Andy and Gee, and together we make up TwoTravlrs. During the week we both work full-time - Gee works as a systems engineer in the aerospace industry, and Andy works as a safety engineer in the automotive industry - but at the weekends we become weekend warriors, using our trusty van conversion as a home from home. The bottom line is that we love exploring; whether that’s rock climbing, caving, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking or wild camping in amazing landscapes around the world or slacklining, acro-yoga and walking in our local area when we don’t have much time or don’t want to travel far. Other times this means exploring our limits, through multi-day hikes, multi-pitch climbs, night navigations, and bivvying in all types of weather.


Multi-activity trips feature quite heavily in what we do. For example, at the end of August in 2018 we took on the North Coast 500 route with a 5 month old kitten in tow, and before that we spent 3 weeks driving 5000 miles to and around Portugal, exploring the mountains of the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa, soaking up the culture as we went. Our plans for 2019 follow the same pattern, but this time venturing further afield - August in India is calling our names, and we can’t wait to get some higher altitudes under our belts!


We can’t sit still for long and you can guarantee there is always a trip being planned or some kind of project going on in our home, whether that be building a climbing wall in our garage, building benches out of old pallets for our garden or fixing up our van conversion to make it kitten proof for our adventure cat, Kathmandu to be included on our journeys. We even switch our commutes up to make sure that we are getting enough time outside - Andy enjoys the 60 mile round trip to his office by bicycle roughly once a week, while Gee either runs or walks the four-mile round trip to the office. We are big believers in trying new things and constantly doing things that scare you. For us, truly living life involves forever growing and learning, and one of the best ways to do that is to travel and to experience the world around us, in as many different ways as possible!


Through all of these different activities and time spent outside, we need to be prepared for whatever the weather throws at us. Whether it’s Grangers Active Wash to keep odours from our technical gear at bay, their down 2-in-1 care kit to help keep us warm during the colder months, or their wash and repel formula to keep us dry during the downpours, Grangers has our backs! With their extremely knowledgeable and friendly team and environmentally friendly ethos, we know they’ll always be there for us come rain or shine.