Rory Southworth - Runner and Adventure Athlete


This year has been nuts! 

I completed the 214 Peaks in the Lake District, known as the Wainwright’s, after picking them off gradually over the last three years. I crossed Scotland twice on foot. And then at the fittest, I’d ever been I found myself hospitalised with a blood clot in my shoulder. 


That immediately halted the rest of my summer plans for big runs and scramble link ups, and meant that I needed three months of slow recovery, with no running or climbing.


This forced me to find new ways to adventure. Carrying a pack is still painful, so I am going lighter than ever before. Carrying only what I can wear hasn't stopped me from multiday Adventures though. I completed a two-day crossing of the Forest of Bowland with only what I could fit in my pockets and by staying at a Youth Hostel.


We have some amazing places in the UK,  and there are some great mountain routes and terrain. However, the weather can be tougher here than some of the warmer destinations around the world. To deal with this on my trips I use an array of layering systems and select the right waterproof jacket depending on likely conditions. This means reproofing my kit as and when it needs it. 


However, my favourite Grangers product is Active Wash, I use it to clean all my base layers, running shorts and perhaps most importantly my caps. Meaning that not only do I look good, but I also smell fresh on all my trips.