Active Wash

You’re not the only one that needs to recover after an intense workout. Your sports kit, whether it’s a breathable jersey, a moisture-wicking base layer, or some other technical garment, has suffered alongside you. In order to keep your kit performing at its best, then, it needs to be properly looked after…

While regular laundry detergents may remove the visible dirt from your kit, they’re largely unable to care for the technical fibres that make up your gear. They’re also likely to leave dirt, sweat, and other natural oils behind. Instead of removing these, odours will become masked by perfumes which wear off during use – causing supposedly clean kit to smell sweaty. Likewise, dirt will be obscured by optical brighteners, impairing performance and the longevity of your kit. The result is sportswear that no longer gives you the competitive edge it once did.

Active Wash, from Grangers, is a little different. It has been formulated to work with the technical fibres of your kit rather than attempting to work around them. Instead of masking dirt and odours with performance-damaging residues, Active Wash removes them completely. And, unlike regular detergents, Active Wash provides a boost to technical features such as breathability and moisture-wicking to give you an advantage on the field. It even helps kit dry faster, meaning less time doing laundry and more time pushing yourself – and your kit – to the limit.

With elite sport decided at the margins, Active Wash is the latest marginal gain. It has been engineered to provide the performance you need from your sports kit, and allows you to achieve the performance you demand from yourself…

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