Why Choose Granger’s?

With a heritage spanning over 75 years, and a passion for providing both you and your clothing with the best protection possible, it’s no wonder that amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals alike all continue to place their trust in Granger’s…

Our values…

Our journey began back in 1937. Since then we’ve produced waterproofing solutions for just about everybody. We’ve waterproofed tents for the Ministry of Defence, helped adventurers conquer Mt. Everest, and protected explorers seeking out the North and South Poles…

We’ve also given you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. We’ve helped you to explore, encouraged you to travel, and shielded you as you sought out adventure. We’ve helped to protect you as you expanded your horizons—until your view encompassed the globe.

Above all, we’ve kept you warm, safe, and dry, whatever challenges you’ve faced.

To better help you enjoy the here and now, without inhibition, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the research and development of cutting edge innovations. We’ve embraced new technology in our fight to protect you, your clothing, and your gear. With our products now found in over 50 countries worldwide, we’ve ensured you can get the protection you need at the precise moment you need it the most.

And, along the way, we’ve learned all there is to know about traditional British weather. 

Our past…

  • In 1937, Granger’s was founded. Our first factory, located in Watford, was our home for over 50 years.
  • In 1947, Granger’s developed the world’s first ever water-based waterproofing solution, paving the way for better product protection.
  • In 1953, Granger’s products helped to protect equipment used during the first successful Everest expedition.
  • In 1977 our current chairman, Martyn Rose, purchased the company and began transforming Granger’s into a true market leader.
  • In 1990, Granger’s moved to our current home in Alfreton, Derbyshire, where we continue to offer global product protection. 

Our products...

While our range may have changed over the years, we’ve always kept product protection at the heart of everything we do. With a range of cleaning products, protective waxes, and deodorising sprays sitting alongside our traditional waterproofing products, we’re able to provide you with total peace of mind wherever you’re heading—and whatever you’re doing.

Clothing Repel restores the water-repellent finish found on your technical clothing. 

Odour Eliminator targets bad odours, leaving your gear smelling fresh.

Gear Cleaner removes surface dirt from your outdoor apparel, leaving it looking its best


Our credentials...

At Granger’s we believe that independent testing and accreditation can say more about the effectiveness of our products than any cleverly-worded marketing.  We work closely with SATRA, a leading and respected authority when it comes to testing footwear, leather goods, and apparel. By doing so, we simply allow our products' effectiveness to speak for itself.

In addition to protecting you, and your apparel, Granger’s are also passionate about creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products that safeguard the future of our planet:

  • All Granger’s products are ISO 14001 certified. This is an independent confirmation that our products and production processes conform to the highest of environmental principles.
  • Granger’s was the first aftercare company to be awarded bluesign® approval. The bluesign® system recognises products that have eliminated all harmful substances from throughout the manufacturing process. Today, over 95% of the Granger’s product range carries this approval.
  • All of our waterproofing products feature a unique Acrylic Polymer Technology developed by our in-house technicians. APT is a more eco-friendly formulation than the fluorocarbon technology used in most other waterproofing treatments, and offers superior performance. 

Whatever your reason for choosing Granger’s, you can be sure that we’re dedicated to protecting both you and your outdoors kit. And, if you’re still not convinced, feel free to contact us at info@grangers.co.uk, send us a tweet at @grangers, or message us via Facebook.